U.s. Bank Esign Consent Agreement

By providing your mobile phone number, you agree to be contacted at this number via all of your Cambridge Savings Bank accounts and services, including, but not only, via text messages, pre-recorded voicemail messages and self-dialing technology, to the extent permitted by law. They are responsible for all information charges and rates of mobile operators that may be incurred. Multiple access devices: Your consent to agreement on an access device (for example. B a computer, mobile device or tablet) represents your consent to all the access devices you use. If you change access devices, it`s your responsibility to ensure that the new access device meets all of the hardware and software requirements described above and that you can access and view electronic notifications. Contact us at 888.418.5626 during business hours if you wish to revoke your consent for electronic notifications or if you have any questions about using a new access device for electronic notifications. This communication contains important information before consenting to the electronic transmission of the necessary information. Your consent also allows the widespread use of electronic records and electronic signatures in conjunction with the necessary information. As part of your relationship with us, we want to make sure you have all the information you need to effectively manage your accounts. Our goal is to provide you with as many opportunities as possible to obtain your account documents. We have a legal obligation to give you certain “written” information about the world – that is,. You have the right to receive them on paper. However, with your prior approval, we can provide you with this information electronically.

We also need your general approval to use electronic records and signatures throughout our relationship with you. Thus, before using our electronic services (as defined below), you must check and accept the conditions described below. Sometimes the law or our agreement with you requires you to give us a written message. You must continue to provide us with these paper communications, unless we explicitly insert in another communication the means to provide us with this notification electronically. Paper copy request: If you agree to receive electronic notifications, you can also request a copy of the paper notifications by contacting us at 888.418.5626 during business hours. You may have to pay a fee for paper copies of messages, unless such a tax is prohibited by law. Please refer to the agreement (s) of your account and the fee plans applicable for any fees. Email Reception: We may send notifications to the email address or phone number you have set, post notifications on our website or send you notifications via our online banking service with the appropriate notifications, as far as current legislation allows.