Which Of The Following Is Characteristic Of A Know-How Agreement

c. 1/3 within one month of the start of commercial production or four years after the start of the agreement, depending on the previous date. 3.1. During the duration of the agreement, the licensee receives the licensing staff for training at its factory in Germany. These personnel are trained by the licensee in the manufacturing and verification functions of the design of contract products and materials used in these products, as well as in the maintenance of facilities and equipment. The training is valid for periods and figures that can be agreed by the parties, but no more than twelve months of work in total. The licensee strives to ensure that the licensee`s training in the above areas is sufficient to provide full competence in the relevant areas, so that they can ultimately perform these functions independently for the licensee. The taker seeks prior authorization from the relevant government authorities, if necessary, to delegate its staff to the licensee. AND the licensee is ready to provide the licensee with such know-how and technical information and assistance for the production of 8.6.

The royalties due are paid to the licensee after conversion to Deutsche Mark at Deutsche Bundesbank at the legal rate of sale (the most favourable for the licensee) and arrive in their bank account in the Federal Republic of Germany within four months of the end of the semester defined in Article 8.5. The licensee sends the licensee, within two months, a copy of the corresponding documentation (request for transfer of royalties) accompanied by the report on royalties due. 5.1. During the terms of the agreement, the licensee communicates technical information and improvements to the licensee, with the exception of technical information and improvements that the donor is authorized to disclose to the licensee under contractual obligations arising from other donor agreements. Despite the above restrictions, the licensee confirms that the technical information provided by the licensee under this agreement is sufficient to enable the manufacture to complete contractual products and will enable the licensee to meet the objectives of this agreement. CONSIDERING that the licensee has extensive know-how and technical information on the manufacture of these products and has qualified technical staff to assist in the communication of such known and technical information to a third party; 7.1.